Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome all ye who read on here...

Yay!  A blog of my very own!  Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

I have a passion for books, but a very select genre I enjoy divulging in.  That would be, for the most part, paranormal romance.  I'm always looking to be recommended a new book, but have taken it into my own hands, hoping to hear from other fans of the genre. 

The book that started it all...Look For Me By Moonlight

I remember borrowing this from a friend in the 6th grade...the book had been read over and over, I could tell by the condition of the cover...and the hearts with "Vincent" scrawled on the inside cover...

I had never honestly had any interest in reading in a recreational way, but decided to give it a try after scanning the back cover. 

This book seduced me into the world of paranormal romance, and at the same time, creeped me out.  This handsome man, this younger girl...the late night meetings...

My friend (can't remember her name) never got her book back from me.  Sorry.  I read it at least twice a week for about a month, slipping into the fantasy of this new, forbidden world where vampires existed. 

 My thirst (some pun intended) for this genre ran rampant.  I quickly became a usual at the local library trying to get my hands on anything from Annette Curtis Klause such as The Silver Kiss and Blood and Chocolate, and Amelia Atwater Rhodes, author of In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows).  Quickly...I became an addict to paranormal series books.

Now, over a decade later, I still can't help but surf Amazon endlessly looking for new and enthralling authors who can give me my fix. 

In this blog, I hope to give you many recommendations to books I have immensely enjoyed over the years as well as warn you away from the ones that just didn't quite tickle my fancy.  I hope to find many new authors to get excited about, and in turn, introduce people to this genre or talk shop with those who have grown up with it as I have.

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  1. I can't wait to read about all the book porn you read! But seriously, take your butt sex book back!!