Thursday, October 7, 2010

After Laurell, there was Charlaine...

Dead Until Dark: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

Ohhhhh, Ms. Harris.  How could you DO this to me?

After reading Sookie Stackhouse's first 8 books, I couldn't claim to be anything other than a big huge fan...not only of the Southern Vampire series, but also of hot hot!  I loved the world the books weaved, the fantasy, suspense and action...and was DYING for the release of True Blood on HBO...

Did HBO go to Charlaine's head?  Because her work post From Dead to Worse has been currently sliding into the gutter.  I loved the relationships and the characters...but haven't even been able to CARE about the books since 2008!

I was a SERIOUS fangbanger...and now...I don't even mind waiting for the library copies! 

Am I alone out there?