Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay, so J.R. Ward was recommended to me by my Kindle surfing and buying history.  I'm always a little reluctant to begin a new series because either I'll get hooked and have to buy the whole darn thing or I'll hate it, but my OCD will kick in and I'll have to keep reading.
I finally just sucked it up and purchased the first book, which I have linked to at the top, Dark Lover.
Wow, it took about twenty minutes and I was hooked.  I'm on book 10 now and just can't stop. 
Give em' a try, trust'll enjoy!

Rouge Rider

Larissa Ione - I love you.
Okay, so it's been a WHILE since I've had anything important to add to my blog.  I think the weather has prompted a reminder that Endlessly Autumn still exists. 
I've gotta say, even KNOWING I should be spending my time studying for Nursing School, whenever a new Larissa Ione book comes out...let's just say I bring the stress of last minute cramming on myself.  I've been patietly waiting for this one to come out...and it's almost here.
Hurry up November!!