Friday, November 26, 2010

Review - Undead and Unworthy

Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Book 7)

Having recently lost her dad and step-mother, Betsy Sinclair (nee Taylor) is adjusting to rather more than just married life. Their untimely deaths have left her and Sinclair as sole guardians of her little brother, Jon. Two vampire parents - albeit vampire royalty - for a decidedly human baby.

Still, Betsy is more than up for the challenge.  If only everyone would stop being so nervous around her, given her sudden recent burst of power (not to mention how she saved her best friend’s life.) Betsy most emphatically Does Not Want To Discuss It, and for the moment, everyone is following her lead.

But then the ghost of Betsy's step-mother turns up at their house. And as stubborn and insufferable as she was in life, she's even more annoying in death... Especially as regards her untimely demise as all Betsy’s fault.

Okay, there is NOTHING epic about this book, or really any of these books if you ask me.  (What?!  You weren't asking me!?)

Seriously, I read the six before this one right around the time they were released, and just kinda have given up on them.  It seemed each story was the same, and the only thing that really kept me coming back was the dialog.  Betsy is a smart-ass, and are her friends, but hey, who doesn't enjoy a smart-ass?

I came across Undead and Unworthy for the BARGAIN price of $5 at Barnes and Noble (I see Amazon has it for $3...but oh well).

Now...I RARELY have books just sitting on my shelf that I haven't read, but this one was one of them.  I wanted to file it away nicely after Undead and Uneasy, and be done with it.  Well, it has come to a time where I am waiting for Last Sacrifice and am without reading material.  I simply cannot take a bubble bath without a book!!  So...I freed this baby from the confines of my swelling bookshelf and had at her.

Am I glad I read this book?  Yeah, actually, I am.  Some of the stuff that comes out of Betsy's mouth really does just make me laugh out loud.  The book isn't to be taken seriously, just to be enjoyed on a cold winter night, and that is what I did with it! 

I don't really think this book is something I can pick apart for review purposes. 

Yeah, it's repetitive.  Yeah, there is no real character growth.  Yeah, it still makes me laugh out loud. 

I'd recommend this book for a laugh, and for something different, but I sure wouldn't tell you to run out and buy it.  Maybe take a field trip to the library, if you don't owe them fines that is.  It definitely sheds vampires in a different light, or should I say...shadow...hmm...

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