Thursday, June 30, 2011

Series Week - #3

Tempest Rising (Jane True)

Let's talk about: Nicole Peeler and the Jane True Series.

I'm a fan.  Yep, totally a fan of Anyan, the sexy beast who's lick can cure anything.

 Lord Have Mercy.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed this series.  I keep saying, show me a NEW take on the paranormal, where not all vamps are tall, dark and sexual dynamos.  Show me a short dude, who I don't even like...ahem...Ryu...ahem, and an old lady who can kick some ass.  

The MINUTE I finished Tempest Rising, I RAN out to buy Tracking the Tempest and Tempest's Legacy. 
The story just keeps getting better and better.  Introducing new characters, fighting new battles and learning all about the heroine makes this a series that you become involved in.

Please believe, you will be seeing a WOW dedicated to Eye of the Tempest, the fourth installment that I can't WAAAAIIIIITTTT to get my hands on. 

Rock on, Nicole Peeler.  I may just love you a little bit. 

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