Monday, December 20, 2010

Review - Pale Demon

OMG.  A huge 'THANK YOU' to HarperCollins and Kim Harrison for letting me read this baby before it even hits shelves.  Yes, I will admit, I did a little begging for it, but it was so worth it seeing as though I am a HUGE fan of the series.

Pale Demon (The Hollows)

It's hard to review a book without giving away any here goes.

The book, as I expected, was FANTASTIC.  I can't help but get swept away into the world Ms. Harrison creates every time I open up one of the books from her fabulous Hollows series. 

The book starts off where the last left off, with Rachel having to take a trip in front of the council to try and have her shunning revoked.  Yeah, she uses Demon magic, yeah...she hangs out with Al (who she should TOTALLY hook up with), but hey you sissy witches, she's a GOOD witch, dang it all!

I think the best part about these books is Rachel learning new Demon magic, and losing herself in the world of the Ever After.  It's such a well written and interesting place..and I sure love to see Rachel learn new and challenging spells.  I love that as a character, she pushes herself to see how far she can go and what she can accomplish.  You go, girl!

I love the thought and creativity that go into these books, and I can't help but imagine the characters and what they might be doing in "day to day" in...what happens when I'm not reading the story.  Maybe I'm crazy!  

I would have liked to see more Al in this book, but that's just me being selfish because I want some sexy sex time between him and Rachel.  I want him to look at her loving with his goat eyes and call her HIS itchy witch...hahhha. 

Seriously, this made my holiday season.  What a PRESENT to have been able to read and enjoy yet another of Ms. Harrison's magical stories.

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  1. I love you Al. I feel like Rachel grew up a bit more in this book. She didn't make all the same mistakes that she usually does ya know?

    I love you Al.